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We are passionate about doing things right, helping businesses grow, networking, using the hottest technology and caring for the environment. TextYourCard is a new revolutionary way that can help achieve your dreams to success.

• We believe that you should never be caught out without your business card

• We believe it’s about time we have a TRUE digital alternative to paper business cards that is proficient and reliable.

• We believe that you don’t have to give up your hard copy business card, only follow it up using the latest technology, i.e. an SMS from TextYourCard that contains your information digitally.

• We believe that you are excited to know who is viewing your business card since you will receive a report back to say it has been read!

• We believe that it is important to keep note on the
interest of your contact and business
• We believe you cannot carry all the business card contacts you have all the time, at one time... We believe your phone can.
• We believe that by giving out your business card using TextYourCard you are doing your little bit to save the environment, and it means your business Cares!
• Stand out and make an impression by giving out your business differently from the rest.

How TextYourCard works:

TextYourCard is a universal way to share your business card globally. With TextYourCard all you have to do is scan your business card into your phone and you’ve practically started. Your business card will be saved in the exact same way your hard copy is viewed, both front and back. All the contact and details then automatically get saved into your phone. Your logo is also saved, therefore when you are calling, your logo will come up.

Each business card is saved as an app and therefore all it takes is one click to access and call a business card. From here the features are endless such as adding business brochures, connecting to Google maps to easily find your business, having an app for each business and forwarding on the business card endlessly. Look at the features below:

• Intelligent rendering of your business card contact on Android and iOS devices

• Your business logo is saved

• You can share your business card across the globe

• Your business card reports back every  time someone reads your card.

• You get a number count for the amount of times your card has been viewed.

• Your business card will report back if you have been referred!!

• Only one Click to CALL a business

• Only one Click to download your business brochure

• Includes a map to your business

• You can store as many business cards you want and have them available to contact or forward on whenever you need.

• Your business details can be passed on endlessly

• Automatically creates QR code for your business card

• Allows users to save your card on iPhones as a Web APP

• Eco Friendly as we use wind powered serves to power TextYourCard

• Share your business card to social networks

• Has a ‘take my business card’ self-serve feature allowing people to type their mobile in and send your business card on the spot. An electronic way to pick up a business card. Great for conference kiosks, on your desk, at reception or at a business stall.

• Edit your business card details at anytime to keep on top with your latest details

• Get a unique code attached to your mobile number that contains your business card

• Create multiple template messages ready to send out for different occasions

• Quick keypad ready send by SMS

• Quick keyboard ready to send by Email

• Choose your business card to be indexed and listed by search engines

• Choose your business card to be more private and available to those who have the link

• Send your business card to any mobile worldwide

• Animate both sides of your business card

• Option to default to always send by SMS or by Email

Subscription pricing :

1 month  $14.99 USD                                6 months: $79.99  USD                  12 months : $149.99  USD 

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